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Photograph by the York Glaziers Trust, reproduced

courtesy of the Chapter of York


Services designed to help you care for your stained glass and protective glazing

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Condition Assessments

Condition assessments are important documents that contribute to the historic record of buildings. Liberty's detailed assessments capture the existing conditions of each part of a window (glass, lead, glass paint, weatherproofing, setting, support, etc) and the surrounding area.

Additionally, the assessments include a research-based narrative that illustrates the window's significance within the built environment. This Statement of Significance can be used for grant or funding applications.


Scopes & Specs

Liberty provides technical data to secure appropriate and high-quality treatment. This includes scopes of work, construction specifications and drawings. Recommendations adhere to international ethics guidelines and documents are in standardized format.

Photograph by the York Glaziers Trust, reproduced

courtesy of the Chapter of York

Bidding Documents

Liberty offers bidding forms and contract documents, contractor recommendations, vetting and budgetary information. We will produce and distribute this information, manage pre-qualification data and coordinate pre-bid meetings and interviews.

Trinity Wall Street, Heinigke & Smith c.

Project Management

Liberty provides project management to clients, to ensure quality and adherence to specifications. This includes reviewing and maintaining the necessary submitted documents. We believe in a hands-on approach that includes visiting contractors and examining work regularly as well as attending client meetings.

knowles house_0056.jpg

Trinity Church, Wall Street. Windows by Heinigke & Smith c. 1913. Photograph © Whitney Cox

Photograph by the York Glaziers Trust, reproduced

courtesy of the Chapter of York

Trinity isothermal .jpg

Monitoring & Maintenance

Often times stained glass windows are stable. In order to ensure their continued stability, Liberty offers monitoring and maintenance programs. These are non-interventive programs that allow you to keep track of your windows over time and identify issues before they become overwhelming and expensive. Elements can include a full set of dated photographs to help monitor change, disaster planning, and advice to caretakers and custodians. Liberty also offers advice for environmental monitoring.

190508_Denny Proposal.jpg

New Work

Liberty stained glass offers consulting services for the selection and construction of new stained glass. We work with clients to understand the intended message and can assist in the decision of style, present and review the work of different artists, and aid in the interview process and selection of the artist. Liberty also provides advice and project management services for construction, setting, installation and lighting.

Photograph courtesy of Femenella & Associates

Window design for Trinity Church, Wall Street
© Tom Denny


Research is needed for a multitude of reasons. It is often required for grant applications. Liberty undertakes research as needed for clients.

Woodlawn, Tiffany Studios c. 1899 Photog


Liberty provides high-quality photography for documentation purposes as well as for a client's personal use including social media purposes.


Woodlawn Cemetery, Tiffany Studios, c. 1899,

Photograph © Lee Sanstead

Photograph by Liberty Stained Glass Conservation, LLC

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