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Liberty is a consultancy that exists to ensure the responsible and ethical treatment of American stained glass windows for our generation and those to come. Liberty considers stained glass as its own art form within a building and recognizes that each environment, building, and window is unique. Each project is independently evaluated.

An assessment from an independent consultant ensures high-quality treatment for your windows and eliminates inconsistent bids from contractors. Liberty is not affiliated with any private studio and treatment recommendations are made without consideration to additional financial gain resulting from studio labor. Liberty’s recommendations are for what is in the best interest of the stained glass and the goals of the client.



(née Kozlowski) 



During her time in England, she worked as part of one of Britain's oldest stained glass firms, the York Glaziers Trust. There, she had the privilege to work as part of a team conserving York Minster's Great East Window (1405-1408). After finishing her MA and returning to the United States, she worked for Northeast Stained Glass on notable projects such as the restoration of the windows at St. Thomas Episcopal, New York. She founded the consultancy, Liberty Stained Glass Conservation, in 2016.

Brianne completed her History of Art BA at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, with a minor in History. She then traveled to York, UK to complete her MA in Stained Glass Conservation and Cultural Heritage Management at the University of York, the only English-speaking institution in the world to offer such a program.

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